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At MARA, we believe in advancing the professional interests of career-focused romance writers. If you want to connect to other romance authors, hone your skills as a writer, or learn more about what’s happening in this ever-changing genre, we would love for you to visit. We are a Kansas City-based writers group with opportunities for virtual members from anywhere. Join us for a meeting!

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The saying that time is money is especially true with indie romance authors who have a scarcity of precious time and money. Social media has a low barrier to entry and mostly only costs an author’s time, for the presumption that engagement with followers directly correlates with book sales: the more engagement, the more money earned.

The flaw in that logic is that social media doesn’t have the author’s best interests at heart or those of their followers and users. Also, for every famous author, there are thousands of other authors struggling to attract and grow their audience of readers no matter how much time they spend on engagement and money on social media advertising.

On top of that is retaining more of their sales revenue and keeping access to their reader mailing list data. It doesn’t matter if an author accidentally runs afoul of the terms of service or acceptable content policies on Amazon, Facebook, or Twitter. Losing market access for financial and marketing gains is still a significant blow.

Using rented digital real estate to operate a writer’s business has many risks. Fortunately, the following solves the situation: owning the means of engagement, the sales channels, and a more organic marketing means. Redirecting scarce resources toward a setup that an author can fully control while maximizing the efficiency and productivity of operating time creates a win-win scenario that works in the authors’ best interests.

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